Recruitment package - silver


silver = Part Recruitment Services

we work alongside your management team

Investment of $1,795.00 +gst


Write a compelling Job Ad

The challenge is to convince a qualified prospect to apply for the role at your company.  We highlight why your company is the one they should work for and what is in it for them?  We can also link websites and multi- media.


We use the advertising forums of your choice. These are an additional cost to this package.

Each candidate is sent an application pack

This assists to gain further knowledge of the candidate in a very efficient manner and ensures we have the right information.  Often a CV will not tell us what we need to know.

We handle all the applications

Whether it is 150 applicants or 5, all candidates are contacted through a personal acknowledgment system.  In addition we ensure that the highest quality applications are sorted relevant to the position.  We avoid screening out suitable candidates by mistake or letting them voluntarily drop out of the process because of long recruitment processes.

The initial screening of applications and CV’s

All applications are screened and graded to see if they meet minimum requirements for the job on paper.  We ensure that the highest quality applications are sorted relevant to the position.

Top candidate presentation

We will shortlist the top number of candidates you require based on our extensive knowledge of “job fit”.  These will then be presented to you to interview.

Availability for interview assistance

You complete the interviews and we are a phone call away as your sounding board.

silver = Part SELECTION Services

we work alongside your management team

$1,795.00 +gst


We come in at the interview stage

A comprehensive interview questionnaire is used to determine the following:  Will they do the Job? Can they do the job & Job fit.  The primary goal is to rank the candidates by level of desirability, with a secondary goal of providing a positive candidate experience that effectively sells the best candidates on the job.

Work profiling behavioural assessment

Every job requires a specific behavioral style for it to be done successfully.  The person whose behavioral style and talent matches the profile of the job will do that job the best.  They’ll be the right ‘fit’ for the job.  We will profile your top candidates to further determine suitability (Testing at additional cost).

The reference checking process

With the best candidate identified through the initial screening and interview process, and expectations for an offer set, the next step validates the candidate even further.  We complete up to two comprehensive reference checks seeking out the candidate’s strengths and challenges so you can make forward thinking decisions based on theirs and your needs.

The post-offer acceptance process

We try very hard to ensure those that accept our offers don’t back out (as a result of a counteroffer or second thoughts).  The selection process covers these hidden situations and continuous communications with the new hire closely links the individual to the company prior to their start date.


We can assist in putting together an offer that is within the company’s boundaries and that meets as many of the candidates “job acceptance criteria” as possible.

Employment documentation

We can guide you to ensure you have the correct documentation in place for the new placement.