Outsourcing this function of your business is both sensible and super-efficient. You and your employees are covered.

Shepherd HR Consulting Ltd is a Human Resource Consultancy that can provide personalised Human Resource services and Employment Relations services for employers in a closely supportive relationship; which also fits well within budgets.  We are committed to helping organisations increase their productivity through better use of their people and to enable client companies to improve their bottom line.  

We have developed an ‘open-minded’ HR hands on approach that knows one size does not fit all.  We simplify HR systems and processes which are tailored to meet your individual needs. Everything we do is based on one thing - the well being of your people.

Services for business

Training and Development

Most employees will perform at an acceptable level most of the time.  This is fine, but sometimes they will need help to raise their performance to meet new targets.  Training and Development can help here, but it can also help to change behaviour so that employees can be promoted which saves time and money on Recruitment and Selection.  We can help by putting in place systems that identify training needs of individuals and groups and then by designing training processes that fill these needs.  We can also help by putting in place development programmes to ensure that all your staff are able to operate at their full potential.

Available courses

Get the knowledge and skill to carry out staff appraisals, resulting in a lift in productivity and an increase in the bottom line.


Competitors can duplicate so much of your business – your systems, your supply chain, your routes to market but there is one unique part of your business that they cannot copy – Your Team!

It has been suggested that the average cost of recruiting and selecting one employee is $15,000. This course will outline a simple stepped approach to selecting the best candidate.